What should my sailor expect on the first day?

On the first day of class, sailors learn to capsize their boats and get them back upright. This is done in a controlled and supported setting. This is an important safety test and campers must complete this exercise to continue in camp. During our week-long camps sailors build skills to sail their boats independently.


What happens if my sailor cannot complete the capsize test?

Our staff have many strategies to try with hesitant sailors but sometimes new sailors are not ready for their test. Unfortunately, this means they are unable to complete the class. This is not a common issue, but please be sure your child feels ready before enrolling them. We are not able to issue a refund if sailors cannot complete class.


Which facility should I choose?

If you are enrolling sailors in Jellyfish please select Wollochet Bay - TYC to see Youth and Teen classes at the same location.


If you are enrolling sailors in Opti Intermediate please select West Shore Marina - GHYC to see Youth and Teen classes at the same location.


If you have a 11-12 year old sailor, consider enrolling in Youth at West Shore Marina. This location utilizes slightly larger boats called O'pen Skiffs that are more comfortable for older Youth participants.


Which facility is more convenient for you, curriculum and staffing are shared between the two facilities, so when in doubt, choose what works for your family.


How are Teen and Youth classes different?

The curriculum and skills are the same for our Teen and Youth program. Our Youth program is in single-person boats, while our Teen program in in double-handed boats. The Teen program is usually more focused on skills progression and development while the Youth program may include more games or activities.


What does intermediate mean?

Intermediate classes are designed for sailors who have taken and passed our introductory classes (Youth and Teen). Sailors need to master basic skills before moving up to intermediate classes, and usually take introductory courses 2-3 times before they are prepared.


How does my sailor join the Narrows Race Team?

Sailors are invited to the Narrows Race Team once they have demonstrated skills in class to show that they are ready. For safety reasons, we require that all participants have a basic level of competency before joining the race team. For ages 8-12 sailors must have basic competency skippering an Opti in order to be safe at practice. For ages 12-18, sailors are sometimes able to progress quickly to race team as a crew and then develop skills further while on the team.


What should I bring to camp?

Campers will be staying all day, so a packed lunch is necessary. Campers should bring face mask, sunscreen, water, a towel, a hat or sunglasses, and a life jacket. There will be a few life jackets available to borrow in emergencies, but it is recommended that students bring their own to guarantee a correct fit. The orange, horseshoe type life jackets are not appropriate for this class. It is also recommended that intermediate sailors bring their own wetsuit. We do have wetsuits available at camp as well.